The Professors

i love how suddenly the last two just got ridiculously hot 

are you implying Professor Oak isnt a hot piece of ass

I bet he’s got laid more times than a ditto in a day care

Seriously. Reminder of Professor Oak’s bitchin ass bondage outfit. Look at how ripped he is. Pokeball belt buckle? Only cause he’s gonna catch the pussy. His dick is as hard as oak, Professor Oak. 


I really hate it when people say “work hard while you stoll have your youth and your good health” to me. I get it a lot. And it’s not even that they are aware of why it bothers me so much. But I’ve never had good health, and I never will have good health. Yeah, I’m young, but I don’t feel like it. I don’t go out and party because drinking would kill my liver even more than all the medicine. I don’t smoke because it would ruin my lungs. I don’t do anything stupid because I know I have to get home and take all my medicine and treatments. “Enjoy your youth.” My ass. I have the lungs of a fourty year old smoker, I’m not enjoying my youth at all. Ugh there’s not even anything wrong with people saying stuff like that, I’m just a very bitter and angry person.